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Best Mattress 2014-2015

Purchasing a mattress from the best mattress brand insures that you will get a quality mattress. Buying a mattress is an important purchase. Most people buy a new mattress every ten years or so, picking the right mattress is very important because you will spend a big part of your life on that mattress getting much needed rest.

There are many different mattress brands, some are better than others. The goal is to purchase a mattress from a reputable brand. Mattress companies like other companies earn their reputation by providing a high quality product that is affordable to the majority of consumers. Choosing a top mattress brand is like doing comparison shopping without having to actually shop.

Best Mattress 2014-2015 - The Brands

By choosing a top brand you are saving time and energy because you can simply do your comparisons within that brand. Some brands are easily recognizable. Some brands are less recognizable but are also ranked topped by consumers.

Sealy Posturpedic is one of the most popular mattress lines in the US. Sealy offers a full range of mattress options that are typically among the most affordable options.

Serta has been producing quality mattresses for many years and is easily ranked among the top mattress manufacturers of 2014-2015. They offer a great warranty on all their products and they offer a wide range of pricing which is great for budget conscious consumers.


Sterns and Foster is also a well known brand for mattresses. Sterns and Foster has been in business for a long time. They produce high quality mattresses. Sterns and Foster is usually at the higher cost of the price spectrum.

Simmons is also a well known mattress brand that has been around for years. Simmons offers affordable mattress options. Simmons is one of the most popular brands because of their price point.

Some newcomers that have shown up in the last few years are the Sleep Number beds (typically run around $4000) Tempurpedic (the memory foam mattress people) and the W Hotels line. While each of these newcomers have proven themselves they still can not claim the years of experience that Serta or Simmons offers but they are still good choices.

The Best Mattress of 2014-2015

Sealy has been the reigning popular brand which in turn makes it the best mattress brand. Pricing likely plays a big role in why people have made Sealy the most popular brand but their mattresses are ranked high in quality as well as longevity.

Sealy is considered by many to be the best mattress brand according to the consumer reports we have read.

There are many things to consider when looking at the best mattress of 2014-2015 list. For most people, it comes down to finding a quality mattress at an affordable price.